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In Film on February 13, 2011 at 11:48 am

“You’re insatiable. Your desires can’t be quenched.”¬†– Andrea

I can’t think of any other movie quite like Fuego. This campy, perverse, Sirkian melodrama tells the story of a man discovering that he has nymphomaniac wife that neither doctors, nor the revolving door of village men and lesbian chamber maids can tame. Directed by and co-starring Armando Bo, along with his real-life wife, Latin spit-fire (and Miss Argentinia 1955), Isabel Sarli — Fuego is ablaze with garish South American color schemes and a volcanic tango theme that plays on the soundtrack like a broken turntable. Like all good relationships, this movie is an exhausting, yet consistently thrilling train wreck. Fuego also has one of the strangest love scenes ever committed to celluloid. I’m not sure what the caged chickens are supposed to represent, but here it is.

Happy Valentines Day you miserable people.





Along Came a Spider

In Film on February 3, 2011 at 7:02 am

While rummaging through the archives recently, I came across something astonishing. Something that I had completely forgotten about. Back in 2006, I was fortunate enough to meet Spider Baby cinematographer Alfred Taylor during the making of our retrospective documentary for the DVD release. A charming, no-nonsense Welshman — Taylor was an amazing camera man and gifted still photographer, snapping head shots of up-and-coming actors and would-be starlets in between his movie gigs.

After our interview, he was kind enough to let us dig through his boxes of old photos where I found some amazing snapshots. As seen above, a family portrait is featured in the film during the epilogue. The picture to the right of Peter (Quinn Redeker) was photographed by Taylor in his own studio with Redeker and actress Mary Mitchel. The child is unknown. A total of twelve family photo variations were discovered during our research and offer a unique glimpse into the process of this photo session.

The top photo is the exact same one used in the final film, these four alternates were scanned from the original proof sheets. Enjoy.